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01-11-2016 | Spark Issue 4: Foreign Income Verification (Form T1135) – New simplified foreign reporting regime to provide welcome compliance relief for some taxpayers.
In December 2015, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) released a new form T1135 “Foreign Income Verifica... More >
01-08-2016 | Mark McGinnis and Elaine Pantel attend PrimeGlobal meetings in Miami
Mark McGinnis will participate in PrimeGlobal's Annual Tax Conference next week, and Elaine Pantel w... More >
11-24-2015 | PMAC Annual Conference
Shimmerman Penn LLP sponsored the PMAC annual conference, and Elaine Pantel published a blog post ab... More >
11-05-2015 | 6th Annual AED Event a big success!
Creating and Sustaining Momentum in Toronto: Assessing outcomes and planning for a visionary future... More >